Having passionate conversations is a great way to get closer to the girl. When it comes to conversations, think topics and not word-for-word lines or routines. It gives a much more natural flow. By having a repertoire of interesting topics to talk about, you will be able to have really fascinating conversations with women anywhere.

Emotional relevance

For a topic to be interesting it needs to have some emotional relevance to us. This is especially true for women, as they have a richer emotional life and feel emotions more strongly than men do. In addition to picking a topic that she finds fascinating and wants to talk about, you should bring positive emotions of your own into the conversation.

Part of what makes a topic interesting is how you talk about it. When you talk about your life, for example, do it in a way that brings passion into it. That is a very attractive quality in men. By communicating that what you are saying is interesting, it becomes interesting to her. Whatever it is – your job, hobbies, house or friends – be enthusiastic. Girls want to be around guys who make them feel better, who lift them up. You want to be someone who can make her forget about her problems.

Topic categories

Bring up topics that are fun, interesting and that have emotional relevance to her. Here are some categories of conversation topic that are easy to make interesting to women.

  • Her – Everybody’s favorite topic is themselves. Women like to talk about themselves just as men do. It provides an opportunity for you to learn more about her.
  • You – Once the girl is attracted to you she is going to want to know more about you. To allow for this you can tell her stories from your own life, but be sparing with the facts, at least in the beginning of Comfort. You want there to be an air of mystery to you so she does not feel that she has you all figured out. It keeps things more interesting for her and helps maintain the attraction.
  • Social dynamics – Talk freely about sex, dating, male-female dynamics and the games people play.
  • Interests – Converse about some of your interests, hobbies and pastimes.
  • Experiences – Get talking about the most exciting, adventurous and passionate things you have done.
  • Mystery – People are interested in the unknown. If you put things in black and white they are not as interesting.
  • Conflict – Anytime you can bring up human conflict in a fun way it will be interesting to women.
  • Relationships – Talk about people and their relationships. For example, guess what is going on with another couple seated nearby.
  • Drama – Women love to discuss drama and scandals, especially if it relates to someone famous.
  • Popular culture – Music, movies, celebrities, style, TV series, YouTube channels, magazines. Discuss things that are going on.
  • Situation – Have fun discussing things in the environment and what is happening around you.

Death topics

In your early conversations with a woman you should avoid “death” topics. These are any topics that are negative, serious, factual, common and ultimately boring. You do not want these to be associated with you. You want your connection to be one of fun. That will move you forward most quickly. In interactions with women it is usually the guy who will bring up these topics within the first few minutes of conversation. He will start talking about the routine boring subjects – such as work, weather, politics, religion or sports. Such topics may be interesting to him but not to the girl. These conversational threads are not conducive to your game plan. There is a way to talk about almost any subject with passion and emotions, to make it interesting to women, but using topics that are inherently interesting makes things a whole lot easier.

Collect interesting topics

Whenever you come across an interesting topic of conversation, jot it down. You can find them anywhere. Comedy shows are a great place to look for these topics, but you can also find them through regular conversations with other people. It helps enormously to have a stack of interesting topics ready to go for the Comfort phases.

You also want to go through your own life experiences and find interesting topics that have meaning to you, the moments that you remember. For example, you can jot down some peak life experiences, hobbies, areas of expertise, defining moments and travels you have made. Then create accompanying stories that illustrate these. Be sure to practice your conversation topics with someone to find good responses and directions.