When you go out to meet women the main objective with the way you dress is to increase your attractiveness. This is different between genders. Women dress sexy to enhance their fitness indicators, whereas men dress cool to convey high status. Just as a woman’s attractiveness universally increases with sexy clothes, so too does cool clothing bring about a similar effect for men.

So what then is cool clothing? In a nutshell, it is clothes which show that you understand style and what looks good on you. It is a way of dressing that differentiates you in a positive way, as opposed to dressing generic or bland. By dressing cool or stylish you essentially get an instant DHV that lets you trigger that initial attraction more easily. Girls take notice of style much more than men do, and if you have a really good style they will wonder who you are.

Style guidelines

Dressing cool is not about following trends. While trends change fast, cool changes slow and if you get a cool wardrobe you will not have to change anything for a long time. Likewise, cool clothes do not need to cost a lot of money. Here are some general style guidelines:

  • Category – The category of the clothes you wear need to match – such as street, club, sophisticated, classic, casual, etc. For example, combining formal attire with street wear does not work. Some styles are more compatible than others, but you should at least make sure that your clothing items align with each other – including shoes, pants, belt and shirt.
  • Colors – Do not have too many colors. Two or three colors are usually ideal, from which you can go with different gradients. Darker colors convey masculinity, but a brighter secondary color can be used to express playfulness.
  • Details – Avoid plain clothes. You want interesting details such as text, pictures, patterns or gradients that communicate something about you.
  • Clean – Keep your clothes clean and not worn-out. If you wear something that needs to be pressed, make sure it is pressed.
  • Size – The clothes should be well fitted. Even if you are not in the best shape, a fitted shirt looks better than a loose one.
  • Variation – It is more important to look good every day than to look different, but having a bit of variety does not hurt. With a wardrobe full of cool clothes you will be able to mix and match a lot of different outfits that look good on you.

If you understand style you can break these rules and have it work. Still, most guys have no idea how to dress cool, let alone how to create their own style, so be sure that you know what you are doing if you do break them.

Style and venues

Depending on the venue you are going to you will need to adjust your clothing. You do not wear club gear to a coffee shop, the same as you do not wear casual clothes in a club. As a rule of thumb, when you go out, dress one level more informal than what you expect others to wear in the venue you are going to. If you dress too cool for the venue you will stand out too much and it will cease to be cool.


Accessories are functionally useless items that you wear to enhance your attractiveness and convey sexuality. You should wear at least one particularly interesting accessory that matches your style. For the day game, one or two small accessories may be enough. For the night game, your accessories can be more extreme and you can have more of them. Here are some examples:

  • Jewelry – Wear skillfully crafted jingles, preferably ones with symbolism. For example a necklace, bracelets, rings, ear pieces and other similar items.
  • Watch – A classy brand watch can be a good accessory if it matches your style. If the watch is fake choose anything but a Rolex.
  • Scarf – A colorful scarf can add some fun.
  • Belt – You should wear a belt that matches your shoes.
  • Tattoos – Temporary tattoos are fine – a kiss mark on the neck, for example.
  • Shades – Raises your coolness like nothing else. You do not need to wear them. You can just let them hang from your shirt.
  • Colored lenses – Amplifying your eye color can have a powerful effect.

In addition to enhancing your attractiveness, accessories invite girls to comment on the item as a way to start a conversation. When a girl does this it means she is attracted to you. She would not come up and mention it otherwise. Have a good story about the accessory prepared when this happens to use as your opener.

Learn fashion

It is a good idea to ask women about style. Find one who is into style and bring her along to help you upgrade your wardrobe with some great outfits. Again, the clothes do not have to be expensive. Cool jeans and a great shirt often get you farther then a tailor-made suit. If you are not used to dressing cool, experiment with getting outside your comfort zone. Once you understand what cool is, it will probably feel more natural than you feel now.