Seduction Preparation

Your place is your primary seduction location. Contrary to her place or hotels, here you control all the variables. Keep it clean and in order.


Set your place up so that it is full of fun things to do, like a playground. Different, unique, controversial and interesting items that give you something to talk about or play with. Here are some examples of props that you can leave lying around:

  • Magazines – Studying interesting magazines with girls can be great fun.
  • Tarot cards – Give her a discount tarot reading.
  • Books – Massage, handwriting analysis or reflexology books.
  • Coloring books – Coloring with crayons can be great fun.
  • Metal puzzles – Something to play with.
  • Inflatable punching bag – Let her punch it.
  • Head massager – Gets girls turned on.
  • Lava lamp – Fun to look at and helps set the mood.
  • Dumbbells – Shows that you like to stay in shape, which is attractive.

Stock up

Make sure to have the following things handy:

  • Fridge – Keep it stocked with beer, soft drinks, water, juice, wine and cocktail ingredients.
  • Candles and incense – Light up a few of these and it completely changes the mood.
  • Hygiene – Extra sheets, pillows, towels and toothbrushes.
  • Music – Have a few playlists ready for various moods.
  • Various – Condoms, lube, tissues and an ashtray.