S2 – Last Minute Resistance

When transitioning between foreplay and sex for the first time with a woman you may encounter last minute resistance (LMR). This will usually occur when you try to remove her bra, pants or panties. She may be totally into the foreplay, but as you go to escalate she will suddenly hit the brakes.

LMR strategies

The woman may stop you for numerous reasons. Her objection could be for example: “I hardly know you”, “I’m not that type of girl” or “I bet you do this all the time”. To reduce or eliminate these kinds of responses you can use LMR strategies.

1) Seven hours

The first strategy for overcoming LMR is the seven-hour game plan. By following the game plan and waiting at least seven hours before you seduce the girl, you remove the objections that have to do with her feeling that she does not know you well enough. With this strategy alone some girls will give you no LMR at all, as sex comes as a natural part of the kino escalation. On the other hand, if your game plan is compressed into less than seven hours you will have to deal with more LMR.

2) Attachment

The woman may be concerned that you will leave her after sex or not value her afterwards. This objection is best handled preemptively in Comfort, by conveying to her in one way or another that you like her and care about her. By waiting seven hours you will also demonstrate that you are not going to just leave her after sex.

3) Rituals

As was talked about in the last chapter, you want the girl to join you in building the seduction environment. By making the seduction mutual, you build momentum to help her overcome LMR. You also remove objections that have to do with her feeling that you are using her in some way.

4) Arousal

Take your time and gradually build up her arousal before you start undressing her. Overall you should focus on her pleasure before your own during the foreplay. It is just as much fun. With every woman, you can get her arousal to the point where she will start escalating towards sex on her own, at which point you will not have to deal with any LMR.

5) Freeze out

When you encounter resistance you should step back and do a freeze out. When she stops you – with, for example, “We shouldn’t do this, let’s stop” – just say, “I understand, no worries” and pull back. Switch to a non-sexual routine and act normal, as if she turned off your arousal. Just lean back, talk casually and relax. Show her that you are in control of your sex drive, that it is no big deal and that you are not there just for sex. When you do this she may start to seduce you instead. If not, you can wait a few minutes and then reinitiate the seduction. This time get her even more turned on than before. The LMR will be significantly reduced after a freeze out, although you may need to repeat it if she stops you again. In case she stopped you when you went for a piece of clothing, you can avoid the issue the second time by telling her to remove that piece on her own.

Token resistance

A second type of resistance you can come across is token resistance. It is token resistance if the woman is still into it, whereas if she is pulling away and not okay with it, it is real resistance. You would then need to step back and do a freeze out.

The way to overcome token resistance is with increased arousal and playfulness. For example, if the girl says, “I don’t usually do this”, you can respond, “I know, we shouldn’t be doing this. You know what else we shouldn’t be doing?” and then you physically escalate. You should not try to fight her emotional resistance logically. Instead, just acknowledge her objection and move forward.

Alternatively, you can stop and joke around a bit to make her realize that it is not a big deal. If you are both having fun and the girl can tell that you are not taking it too seriously, she will just go with the flow and have what she wants.