C3 – Intimacy

Once the girl is comfortable, not only being alone with you but also with kissing you, it is time to transition into C3 Intimacy. For this you need to move the girl to a seduction location. Typical seduction locations include your place, her place or a hotel. Your place is preferable, as it is the only place where you control all the variables.

Purposely slow things down if you do not have a seduction location nearby. Arousing the girl before the seduction location can make it hard to bring her over there, as she knows it is for sex. Furthermore, if you have sex with her outside of the seduction location it builds buyer’s remorse – the feeling of regret felt after hooking up with someone prematurely. Buyer’s remorse generates a sense of embarrassment for women that men do not feel. It can make it difficult to hook up with her again, as she will feel that you just want her for sex. For these reasons it is a good idea to hold back until the seduction location.

C3 bait

When you venue change to a seduction location you will need to use a bait. You cannot ask her, “You want to go back to my place so we can finish this off?” because she will say no. Instead you say, “You know what, I know a place where the drinks are cheap, let’s go.” Then take her by the hand and lead her back to your place. This way you take the responsibility of sex happening off her shoulders. Depending on the situation, your invite could be, for example, a drink, a cup of coffee or to watch a movie.

Romantic fantasy

Women long for the elements of romance, passion and seduction in their lives. Instead of giving her an ordinary experience when she comes over, give her something special that shows her you have class. Just by adding a few classy touches you can deliver the romantic fantasy for her – a woman’s romantic idea of a night with a guy who is completely unlike anyone she has ever met.

Your place

You have now moved the girl to a seduction location for the final stage of Comfort building. This may be the same night you met her or after a time bridged meeting. Rather than going straight for the seduction, you should continue running Comfort material here until she is comfortable in the new environment.

Lead her to a room with a couch where you can build comfort. She will want to see how you live and may also want to use the bathroom, so give her some time alone while you go and prepare some drinks. The drink is not to get her drunk, but to help her relax and have fun. Go for something classy, like wine or champagne, rather than a six-pack of beer. It is part of the romantic fantasy.

When you come back put on some soft background music, maybe classical or opera. It helps put her in the right frame of mind. While you were gone she will probably have noticed a few of the props you have set up to get the conversation going and may comment on it. Otherwise, you bring something up. Sit down on the couch and get a playful interaction going, along with kino. She will probably want to chat, because that helps her rationalize the next step.

Heavy kino escalation

In the private comforts of the seduction location you are able to go for more daring kino routines. The physical steps you can take are still the same as those described in the Kino Escalation chapter – kissing, biting, tickling, caressing and so on. But they can now last longer and be more overt, leading up to foreplay.

Here is a sample C3 kino routine. Draw a line across the couch and say, “That’s your side and this is my side”, giving her the smaller piece. Next you start to take cushions from her side, while telling her to stay on her side. Then take a blanket and wrap it around you, “Oh, it’s so warm and cozy over here”. Finally, when she is really miserable, say, “Okay, stop whining” and pull her over to your side to cuddle.

Another C3 routine would be to tell her to close her eyes as you give her a shoulder massage. For extra charm points you can whisper something romantic in her ear while you are at it.

In the couch scenario you can also tease her with a pull away kiss. Sitting next to her, grab the back of her hair and gently pull it downwards, as you would do to paralyze a kitten. Then look into her eyes as you slowly go in for the kiss, but just before your lips touch hers you introduce a pause and enjoy the distance for a while, building anticipation for what is to come. Next, instead of going for the kiss you roll off towards her ear and whisper “I want to bite you”. Finally, give her a sensual bite on the neck, before leaning back with a smile.

Notice that the pattern for sexual teasing is similar to the kino escalation routines, where you give the girl a bit of something pleasurable, and then take it away or do something unexpected in order to make her want it more. The pattern is best described as taking two steps forward and then one step back.