Once the Attraction stage is finished you transition into Comfort. The object in Comfort is to build a connection with the girl, both a physical and an emotional one. The emotional connection is made by getting to know each other, and by finding commonalities, but most of all by having fun together. The physical connection is built through kino escalation, where you physically advance your relationship. Additionally, you take the girl through a trust building ladder to get her to trust that you will not make her uncomfortable.

  • Emotional connection – Get to know each other and find commonalities.
  • Physical connection – Make her comfortable with your touch and proximity.
  • Trust – Lead her through enjoyable experiences.
  • Fun – Have fun with her, through conversation, activities and routines.


Most of the courtship time is spent in Comfort. Whereas the Attraction stage last roughly half an hour, the Comfort stage typically take between three to ten hours and may require separate meetings. This is the window of opportunity within which it is most easy to enter into a sexual relationship with a girl. If you transition too quickly into Seduction you may get the girl for the night, but it will be difficult to take the relationship further. On the other hand, with too much time spent in Comfort, or too little kino escalation, you risk becoming her friend instead of her lover.

Game changer

In Comfort, the game changes a bit. The high-energy flair in Attraction can be toned down and you do not have to be funny or entertaining all the time. You can spend more time listening, having her talk and just being yourself. Furthermore, you can now be more open in showing the girl that you are attracted to her.

Comfort phases

In all three Comfort phases you will be using basically the same Comfort material. The phases are distinguished mainly by physical location.

  • C1 Connection – Takes place in the original, attraction location.
  • C2 Trust – Takes place in one or more other venues.
  • C3 Intimacy – Takes place in a seduction location.

As the names suggest, the focus of the Comfort phases is also slightly different. C1 is where you start building the emotional connection, which continues into C2. Next, C2 is where you take the girl through a trust building cycle, by leading her through a number of enjoyable experiences. Finally, C3 is where you make the girl comfortable with the seduction. The physical connection is started as far back as A2 and progressively escalates until the end of C3 where it transitions into Foreplay.