Before Going Out

When you go out you should be ready to meet someone. Be sure to groom yourself and have the things you may need in your pockets, so that you do not have any excuses not to approach any cute girls you come across.


You should be well groomed. Regardless of how you look, grooming will translate into sexiness to a woman. Although women are not focusing on appearance, it is important to make the best of what you have. Women see the details, so when you start paying attention to them they will take notice. Most guys can get their looks to at least average easily, and once you are there it becomes all about your personality and ability to convey it.

Grooming procedures

Here is a list of things you should do to look good for women. All the things in this list are simple and easy grooming procedures.

  • Shower and wash your face.
  • Fix your hairstyle. You should have a fresh haircut.
  • Hair removal. Trim or shave your body hair. To permanently remove body hair use for instance Silk Flash & Go.
  • Wear deodorant and aftershave.
  • Wear cologne for the night game. Ex Marc Jacobs for Men or Dolce & Gabbana. One or two sprays on your chest is enough.
  • Trim your nose, ears and eye brows.
  • Cut your nails.
  • Brush your teeth and floss. Whiten teeth if necessary.
  • Put chapstick on your lips.

Your pockets

Aside from your small wallet and smartphone, there are a few other items that are good to bring along when you go out.

  • Chewing gum or breath mints – Improves your oral hygiene after a meal.
  • Chapstick – Keeps your lips kissable.
  • Tissues or handkerchief – Good to have.
  • Business card – Makes girls feel more secure about you.
  • Condoms – Aim for success.

You can store the condoms and business cards in the wallet. Keep it thin by not carrying too much change or plastic around.


In many social venues alcohol tends to be involved. As a mental stimulant alcohol puts people in a festive mood and acts as a social lubricant. It reduces inhibitions and relaxes the drinker. These effects can be helpful when playing the game as they reduce social frictions and make the interaction progress faster and easier.

The choice of whether to drink or not is up to you. You certainly do not need to drink to approach girls. In fact, being sober lets you stay sharp and calibrate more accurately where you are and lead the interaction forward more smoothly. If you are in a venue where drinking is the norm – bars, clubs and parties – you can just as well have juice, water or a non-alcoholic beverage instead. Keep in mind that you do not need to drink to induce a party mood. You can just as well make use of emotional management techniques.

If you feel that the benefits of drinking outweigh the disadvantages then by all means have a drink, but be sure to drink responsibly. You should control your intake so that you can enjoy the benefits without the negative after effects. An adult male can metabolize around 15 grams of pure alcohol per hour. This means: one glass with 50 ml of hard liquor, one 150 ml glass of wine or 400 ml beer or cider (~5%).

In the first hour an adult man can have two standard drinks to get the benefits from the effects of alcohol – reduced inhibitions, a funnier mood and a talkative state – without becoming impaired or too drunk to flirt, which is a turn-off. After that you can have one standard drink per hour to maintain the effects, which is what your body will burn off. Any more than that will not benefit you. If you manage to keep within these limits you will benefit, and as a bonus no headache next morning. To mitigate the potential after effects of alcohol you should consume water in between drinks to replace the water lost – about 200 ml of water for each alcoholic drink.