Attraction Locations

You can meet women everywhere. Although this is the case, to meet the largest amount of women you should try to meet them while doing what you do in your regular life. That way you can flirt with girls doing the same thing that you are doing. For example, if you are out jogging you can take a more social route. Or if you go to a coffee shop you can go to one that is busier. When you are out having a good time, doing something you enjoy, you will be full of conversation that can be interesting to women. Furthermore, there is no competition or distraction from other guys.

Day game

The day game is when you actively go out to meet girls in a public setting during the day. While you can meet girls anywhere, certain places are better than others. Invest some time to find these places in your area, places where there are lots of the kind of girls you want to meet and where you are likely to be successful approaching them. For plenty of options and low competition, find attraction locations that have a higher percentage of women than other places. Here is a list of some attraction locations to try out.

  • Coffee shops.
  • Trendy areas and fashion malls.
  • Bookstores and libraries near colleges.
  • Lunch spots near office complexes.
  • College campuses at lunch time.
  • Health clubs, day spas and yoga classes.
  • Massage, hair & nail and beauty parlors.

These are cold social situations since people do not expect to talk to strangers here. You can also go for warm social situations where there is an expectation to be social. It is typically easier to approach girls in these venues, and you will also have a commonality that you can use when talking to them.

  • Parties and other private events.
  • Public gatherings and social events.
  • Art exhibitions and art shows.
  • Wine tasting and speed dating events.

Night game

The night game refers to bars and clubs. This game is played with the same routines, but with a higher pace and energy level. Compared with the day game, there are more distractions and competition from other guys. However, in no other places will you find as high a concentration of single girls who are out to have a good time.

If you want to get good fast then bars and clubs are great places to practice. As you train in these tough social situations it will quickly improve your skill level. The bar and club environment is a kind of simulation, because the vast number of girls means that you do not need to mind if the one you approach is not interested. Just like when playing a video game you can just press the reset button and go again.