Welcome to The PUA School. This site provides a condensed guide to the art of seduction – also known as the game. The game is not about getting laid. It is about forming loving, intimate relationships with women. The game is also not about manipulating women. It is about the mutual experience of giving women what they want and in return getting what you want – whether a female friend, a lover, a girlfriend or a wife. What this site will teach you is not a trick or technique, but a lifestyle – the lifestyle of the alpha male. A man who has power and choice with women.

This is an area of life that we do not want to leave to chance. As men, this is something we really want to get handled. We do not want to sit around and wait for the women to come to us, to have it happen by chance. We want to be in control of this, in a position of power. The good news is that, as with most things in life, the game is a learnable skillset. You can learn how to attract, seduce and form relationships with women. What is more, with the right game plan you can learn this in a matter of months.

Let the game begin.

Mikael Olsson, Author